You Can Do These Tips To Maintain Your Generator Set

You Can Do These Tips To Maintain Your Generator Set

May 27, 2020 0 By ynikk

The need for generators is increasing in demand these days. So many developing industries require this device. Genset is the answer to the needs of industry players if the state electricity company is experiencing technical problems such as being struck by lightning. Generators can be used as backup power so that industrial production cannot be stopped. So it does not cause a lot of losses for the industry. As for smaller businesses, they can simply use the small-capacity electric start generator.

A Generator Set or commonly called a genset is a device that can produce electrical power. This generator set is a combination of the Main Stator, Rotor, Exciter, and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) systems. Genset was first made in 1831 by Faraday and Rudolph Diesel which continues to evolve in accordance with current developments and technology.

Generator Set must continue to be maintained so that it is always prime. The following are some ways that can be applied in genset maintenance:

1. Genset must be placed in a dry place

Generators will be dangerous if placed anywhere randomly, especially if they are exposed to water, generators can be damaged, and even conduct electricity.

2. Genset cleanliness that must be maintained

Genset cleanliness must be maintained by cleaning the dirt that clings like dust, oil, and others. This is important so that the generator set is not easily damaged.

3. Replacing the generator parts

Genset spare parts that are worn or aged must be replaced so that the damage does not spread to other parts. This is one of the important things in generator maintenance.

4. Availability of good air circulation

The generator set must have good air circulation. Because the generator generates exhaust gas, and if the circulation of the room is not good, the gas is very dangerous to human health, and the generator will heat up quickly.


Pros And Cons Electric Start Generator


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  • The CSR was both friendly and knowledgeable
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  • Sound meter tests less than 60 dB right next to, and mid 50’s 10 ft awa


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  • Complete waste of money

5. Checking the fuel

Fuel must be ensured to be fully loaded or sufficient so that the generator can ignite properly. If the fuel tank runs dry, it will be dangerous if the generator set is turned on.

6. Genset heating periodically

Generators must be heated periodically, in order to remain primed. Turn on the generator for about 5-10 minutes, so the oil lubrication system can run properly. Genset maintenance by heating must be done so that the generator is ready to use at any time.

7. Ensure that the generator set is operated properly

Before operating the generator set, read the manual so that the generator set can be operated properly.