This Is What You Must Know About Generator Placement

This Is What You Must Know About Generator Placement

May 27, 2020 0 By ynikk

First, the placement of the generator should have its own generator room. The generator room must have good air circulation. Genset rooms must have ventilation or exhaust so that air circulation is smooth. Genset room with good circulation prevents the generator from overheating. The building process of a special room for the generator must also pay attention to the exhaust gas, sp make sure the gas is wasted in an open space so as not to disturb the comfort of the people around the placement of the generator. This is necessary if you want to do an environmentally friendly placement for your electric start generator.

Second, if you require to place the generator outdoors, at least the generator must be protected from the heat of the sun and rain. This is so that the generator canopy does not rust. If you place the generator outside, the generator may also be placed in an iron frame so that the generator is protected from collisions and it reduces the risk of theft.

Third, if the location of the generator set is very close to the house, then it is better to place the generator in the generator room that can minimize the sound it’s produced, or the generator with silent type might be the right choice because the silent type generator produces far less noise compared to the open type one.

Fourth, if you have to require the generator to be moved periodically then the generator should be placed in a trailer. The trailer functions to move the generator set considering that the generator has a heavy mass and a large enough dimension.

Fifth, we recommend that the location of the generator set is not too far from the electrical panel so that it does not require a long cable. The cable can be quite expensive. Make sure the cables are neatly arranged to maintain aesthetics and safety.


Pros And Cons Electric Start Generator


  • It has been reliable
  • Started right up
  • easy to assemble easy start run fairly quiet
  • Easy to start up and runs great
  • It is worth your money


  • The instructions appear to be for a similar, but different model
  • Battery was dead so I had to use manual pull start
  • Product scratched up looks like sold for new but used

Sixth, Placement of the generator with the basement must require attention in terms of air circulation, considering the lack of oxygen in the basement that can make the engine generator become overheated. Also, make sure the generator room in the basement has spare space to make it easier for technicians to maintain or repair the generator.

Seventh, place the generator away from the source of fire and reach of children. Place the generator away from the source of the fire so that no fire occurs and keep it out of reach of children so that nothing unexpected happens.