These Are Some Tips To Buy A New Generator Set

These Are Some Tips To Buy A New Generator Set

May 27, 2020 0 By ynikk

If we do not have a back up of electricity like a generator, it certainly can cause losses, especially for those of you who have businesses that depend on the electricity. However, sometimes not a few people have difficulty choosing a generator, because so many choices of models, types, sizes, and forms of generators have been provided by manufacturers. Moreover, buying a generator is certainly not as easy as buying other items. This is because, when you are required to buy an electric start generator, you must first understand what are its uses and functions that can benefit you.

Of course, buying the wrong generator can make you end up with a useless one. For that, we provide tips on choosing a new quality generator set:

Calculating Electricity Needs

The first thing you need to know when you want to buy a new generator is to calculate the electricity that needs to be used. You can calculate the need for electrical power that is used, for example, for electrical power needs on the equipment you use at home. To make it easier to add up the electrical power requirements, you can convert each unit of power to the equipment in the house with the same unit. By calculating it, you can also determine the electricity needs to be used based on the calculation of electrical power from the equipment used in your home.

Determine the Amount of Power According to the Price of the Generator

Then you must determine the amount of power and the price of the generator needed. For example, if your home’s electricity needs of 1200 VA, so that the generator needed is at least approximately the same or larger than 1200 VA to anticipate blackouts.

Determine the Budget to Buy a Generator

To buy a new generator set, you can do it by determining the nominal amount or budget of money to buy a generator in your home. In addition, by determining the nominal amount that you prepare is certainly easier when determining and choosing a generator to buy. In addition, you can focus on choosing the right type of generator that is still within your budget range.


Pros And Cons Electric Start Generator


  • It has been reliable
  • Started right up
  • easy to assemble easy start run fairly quiet
  • Easy to start up and runs great
  • It is worth your money


  • The instructions appear to be for a similar, but different model
  • Battery was dead so I had to use manual pull start
  • Product scratched up looks like sold for new but used

Finding Generator Product Information to Choose

The most important thing for choosing the right and quality generator is to find complete information about the generator product you want to consider. You can ask the vendor to show you all variants of generators that he/she sells for all customers. This method is useful in order to be able to anticipate various errors when seeing the specifications of the generator according to needs with specifications that have been offered by the seller. The more information you get, the less risk of buying the wrong type of generator.

Determine the Silent Type or Open Type of Your Generator

As we know, there are 2 types of generators on the market, they are silent and open generators. The silent generator itself is suitable for use in hospitals, office buildings, schools, restaurants, and so on. This type is not noisy so it won’t work people who work or rest around it. As for the open type generator itself, it is suitable to be used in a factory area or somewhere far from a residential area, because this type of generator makes a loud noise.