There Are Two Main Components Of Generators

There Are Two Main Components Of Generators

May 27, 2020 0 By ynikk

In order to overcome electric blackout problems, a generator is really needed because the generator is able to produce electricity only with gasoline or diesel fuel. Usually, the small capacity electric start generator uses gasoline, as for the large-capacity one uses diesel.

There are 2 main parts of generator components, they are the Engine and Alternator. Here is the explanation about those components:

1. Engine

The engine is the driver for the generator to operate. Like a car, the engine is a vital component in a generator. Generators with large engines usually have a large power capacity as well. In buying a generator, first, you must make sure the fuel on the generator engine. Gasoline or diesel. for large capacity generators usually use diesel. For generators that have a small capacity generally use gasoline fuel.

2. Alternator

The alternator is a component in the generator set that is able to produce electrical output that is distributed by the engine. There are various components on the alternator that are able to make relative motion between magnetic and electric fields. Some components on the alternator include:

Stator, the stator has a coil of wire that can cut the magnetic field when the generator is spinning. Actually the stator is only silent in the sense of not moving or spinning.

The rotor is a moving component and with that movement is able to produce a magnetic field. The rotor moves in 3 other ways by induction, with permanent magnets and by using an exciter.

Rotors that move around the stator produce a magnetic field which induces a voltage difference between the stator windings. This results in alternating current or AC current from the generator.

That is the main component in a generator engine, as for the supporting components in the generator, there are so many of them. It’s because the generator consists of various circuits that are fused so that it can produce electricity.


Pros And Cons Electric Start Generator


  • So enter our new AI-Power Generator
  • Build quality, accessories are good
  • Ran it for 30 min and found it to not be overly loud
  • price was great easy to assemble runs quiet
  • Delivery was flawless


  • It quit working after 5 hours of use out of the box and will not start, it start leaking gas very badly
  • That price is very low,unless the item is junk,which this is!
  • the battery doesn’t charge after start, and the engine runs high all the time

To choose a generator do not just choose it randomly, there are a few points we need to consider, such as:

Capacity. we need to calculate the load we use then choose the generator capacity as needed. If our load is 10Kva, then don’t choose a generator with a capacity of 10Kva or lower, choose a generator with a capacity above it.

Then the second is the type of engine and the type of engine here affects the fuel used. We definitely want to buy the one that uses a fuel that matches our needs.

The third is the voltage, if our device requires 3 phase electricity then we need to buy a generator with 3 phase voltage. Genset with 3 phase voltage can be used for 1 phase and 3 phase devices. Genset with 1 phase voltage can only be used for 1 phase device.