There Are 5 Ways To Buy A Generator Carefully

There Are 5 Ways To Buy A Generator Carefully

May 27, 2020 0 By ynikk

Choosing a generator that has high quality is a very important thing to prevent undesirable things from happening in the future. Genset with an expensive price is not a guarantee that the generator already has spare parts and also superior technicians as capital to support this machine so that it can be used for a very long time. However, a generator with a low price is also not the right thing for you to save money, because the costs for the operation of this generator will decide whether it’s good or bad for you. Below are 5 tips that can be useful to make a selection when buying an electric start generator:

1. The need for power

When you want to buy a generator, you should first consider how much power you need. Usually, the power from the generator that is often needed is in units of KW or KVA.

2. A suitable type of generator engine

a. Diesel engines with diesel fuel

Usually, these fuel generators are very widely used by generator users. Because fuel that is easy to find makes most people prefer to use this diesel generator. Diesel fuel is very safe because it is difficult to burn, has no pungent odor, and also has no toxic substances.

b. Gasoline engines

Genset with gasoline fuel is almost the same as that fueled by diesel, it has a lot of users but only for small power generators. Its flaw is the fuel is flammable, smelly, and it might evaporate quickly.

3. Models that are open or closed (silent)

Generators are divided into two models, the first is a generator with an open model and the second is a generator with a closed (silent) model. The difference is, the generator with an open model does not use a cover from the plate and also without the engine sound dampers, so the sound is very disturbing if it’s not placed in a place that is soundproof. While the closed model generator is a generator that uses a cover from the plate and also has engine sound dampers, so that the engine sounds more unobtrusive, and this closed generator has more protection compared to the open generator set.


Pros And Cons Electric Start Generator


  • The remote is also a nice feature
  • The CSR was both friendly and knowledgeable
  • Easy enough for me to maneuver by myself
  • It is powerful, extremely quiet and easy to use
  • Sound meter tests less than 60 dB right next to, and mid 50’s 10 ft awa


  • Another loud noise as it hit
  • Probably a little less since a lot leaked out all over our back deck
  • Complete waste of money

4. Make sure the generator parts are easy to find

Consider the difficulty to find the generator’s spare parts before you buy it.

5. Choose a generator with a brand that is already well known

It’s good when you decide to buy a generator to choose a brand that is already well-known among the wider community because usually, a generator that is already well-known among the wider community has proven its quality and technology.